A lot would be different in Game of Thrones if it aired on HBO in 1995. The CGI dragons would look like something out of a bad Syfy movie, the nudity would be curbed substantially, and the opening credits would likely be unimaginably cheesy. Thanks to YouTube user hunterlsanders, though, we don't have to imagine.

Inspired by the mock 1995 Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead opening credits by YouTube user goestoeleven which have gone viral over the past few days, he put together his very own version of what the Game of Thrones title sequence might have looked like in the mid-90's. Complete with VHS fuzz, an upbeat soundtrack of "I Want it All" by Queen, and totally outdated font, it's basically perfect.

You can check out the clip above. After, be sure to watch goestoeleven's genius Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead 90's opening credits to complete your walk down memory lane. 

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[via The Daily What]