A new app for Google Glass may put undercover spies out of business, or at least make their job a bit harder. 

Partly funded by Google itself, a human recognition system called InSight identifies people based on what clothes they're wearing, "even when their faces aren't visible," writes New Scientist. The idea is that it will help friends and loved ones find who they're looking for in a crowded place, such as a shopping mall or airport. 

University of South Carolina developer Srihari Nelakuditi and his colleagues at Duke are calling the system a "fashion fingerprint." Created via smartphone, it's basically a series of photos of someone performing Internet activities, like scanning their phone or sending a tweet, combined with the textures and patterns of their clothes, to give an idea what they look like.

Thankfully, the fingerprint will only be temporary, say for an evening or day, says Nelakuditi, so the sought-out person can retain their anonymity once the app has been used. 

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