The creation of epidermal electronics—wearable health and wellness sensors "printed" directly onto the skin—by materials scientist at the University of Illinois John Rogers, is changing how we track our heart rates at the gym and blood pressure at the doctor's office.

The skin-mounted electronic sensors gives you direct contact for better readings. Plus, it's durable and waterproof. While it's not recommended that you take your current health tracker (such as the Nike+ Fuelband and portable pedometer) into the shower or pool with you, you can feel free to get wet while wearing the ultra-thin mesh circuit on your skin, according to the MIT Technology Review report.

There are two ways to apply the durable electronic patches, according to Rogers. Either with a rubber stamp or with a "spray-on bandage" to bind the tiny device onto skin. The device should stay put up to two weeks, the scientists said.

The materials lab is currently "refining" the wireless part of tracking vitals and various medical using the device. Rogers and his materials team are hopeful that in one to two years complete systems will be ready to test or use.

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