The Crown Towers, the largest casino in Australia, was robbed of an estimated $32 million in a heist that is reminiscent of Ocean's Eleven. According to the Herald Sun, a gambler from overseas who was staying at the resort worked a card game while the casino's security system was hijacked. The man's accomplice hacked into the system and was able to watch as the man gambled in a VIP section.

This allowed the accomplice to give the card player advice on what wagers to make, as they scammed the casino using just eight hands. However, casino officials figured out what had happened in the middle of the night and Mr. High Roller was thrown out of the deluxe villa where he stayed with his family. He was banned from the casino for life, and hopefully escaped the ordeal with all of his digits.

The casino even fired the VIP services manager who was assigned to handle the man's visits. It's expected that the casino will recover the bulk of the money.

[via NY Daily News]