Episode Title: Every Episode, Every Season

There's a difference between being a hated television character and being a television character audiences love to hate. A perfect example of the latter would be Tony's sister; obnoxious, self-serving, and at times plain cruel Janice—masterfully played by Aida Turturro—is a classic television villain and audiences couldn't get enough of her. Soprano kids Meadow and AJ, on the other hand, are an example of the kind of characters you just plain hate.

Sure, we understand that the show was about a man balancing the role of father to both of his "families," which would've made it difficult to eradicate the kids from the show completely. But there were so few redeeming qualities in these two—either from an acting standpoint and an interest level—that it really would have benefited the show's creators to erase and start over.

Don't tell us we're the only ones who hoped that Meadow would have indeed headed off to Berkeley for college (good riddance) and that in AJ's battle with depression, his suicidal tendencies might have won out?