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Samsung Previews Galaxy S4 in New Video, We know you may be tired of hearing about the same phone over and over again. But, there’s finally substantial evidence about how cool it will actually be. Check it out here! (3/4)

Before ‘The Simpsons’, Matt Groening Made Posters for Apple, Prior to his successful career on network television, Groening was an Ad wiz for Apple. Some of his early work is currently featured on Cult of Mac. (3/4)

The 10 Most Important People In The New York Tech Industry, A select cohort of innovators, business execs, and techies who have managed to cement their legend both in the tech world and in New York City. Silicon Alley's most important names to know. (3/4)

Unidentified Drone Spotted in Brooklyn, A three foot wide Drone was spotted a mere 1,500 feet above John F. Kennedy airport. Although there is no official word on where the Drone came from, it still seems like a cause for concern. (3/5)

The Best Video on the Internet Today: 99 Problems But a Cobra Ain’t one, Listen to this guy's unbelievably hilarious commentary. We’ve seen a lot of funny videos, but this one tops the list. (3/5)

Google Maps and the Impossibility of Openness, Google Maps offers a subjective view of the world. Does the company have something to hide? (3/5)

New York Public Library Hosts Poetry Contest on Twitter, It’s really as easy as it seems. Just tweet a 140-word poem to @NYPL between the dates of March 1 - March 10. The winner gets a retweet to the accounts million+ followers. (3/6)

Free Shipping Could Become Universal, Says Ad Age, Paying for shipping costs may be a thing of the past. Along with same day delivery, Ad Age says free shipping may become standard across e-commerce platforms. (3/6)

Facebook Introduces New News Feed DesignThe News Feed now has a drop down menu that allows you to filter posts according to certain categories like "Music," "Photos," "Games," stories from "All Friends," or just ones from your "Close Friends." (3/7)

Breathalyzer Successfully Detects Stomach Cancer, U.K scientists have discovered far less costly way to detect early stomach cancer. By simply exhaling, this breathalyzer will be able to detect the disease correctly 90% of the time. (3/7)