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SXSW Interactive, Day 1 - 4, Daily dispatches from the annual tech conference in Austin, Texas (3/9 - 3/14)

Scientists Are This Close to Printing Electronic Tattoos, The latest version of a tattoo measures the condition your skin is in while the tattoo is on your body. This way, the tattoo can be worn for extended periods of time before your skin naturally flakes it off. (3/11)

Google Unveils Talking Show at SXSW, This interactive shoe understands what you are doing via Bluetooth Technology and then gives you suggestions on what you should be doing through a sneaker located in the tongue. (3/11)

Apple’s iWatch and the Law of Accelerating Anticlimax, With the mass amount of success Apple has, could producing the iWatch be a step back for the company? (3/12)

A Group of Russians Figured Out How to Hack a Car and Control It With an iPad, This group of guys figured out how to rewire their cars computer system to get it to work from their tablets. They also say that this technology can be used on just about any car. (3/13)

Student Invests Gel That Immediately Stops Cuts From Bleeding, This gel comprising from genetically modified plant material will stop a cut instantaneously by closing the wound and inducing clotting. (3/13)

AMC Launches Its Own Streaming NetworkThe pay-per-view service, launched at South by Southwest Interactive on Wednesday, is definitely jumping into a crowded space already dominated by the likes of Amazon and Netflix. (3/13)

Google Is Killing Reader, Among several other Google apps, Google Reader will see it’s last day shortly. The RSS feed has had a steady decline of followers so Google is getting rid of it to make room for other services. (3/14)

App Uses Both iPhone Cameras to Shoot Two-Sided Photos, This App finally brings self-photos and group photos together. It has the technology to take photos front both cameras of your iPhone at the same time. (3/14)

YouTube Capture Now Available on iPad and iPad Mini, The app features editing tools such as color correction and stabilization to ensure your video has top-notch quality. You can also add music, or edit a particular clip. (3/15)

Everything You Need To Know About the Samsung Galaxy S 4After months of anticipation and a raft of image and data leaks, the we finally get the official word from Samsung on what features the follow-up to the current best-selling Android phone will have. (3/15)