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BlackBerry Z10 Review: The Next-Gen BlackBerry Sports Many Strengths But Falls Short, The Z10 ditches the company’s patented physical keyboard in favor of a full touchscreen, bringing forth quite possibly the best virtual keyboard on the block, as long with innovative features sure to appease fans. But is too little, too late for BlackBerry? (2/25)

You Can Now Lose All Your Money in Las Vegas Without Leaving Your Couch, Nevada has officially legalized online gambling and you can now gamble away your savings from the comfort of home. Other states are said to follow. (2/25)

Bill Gates, Chris Bosh, and Mark Zuckerberg Want You To Learn How To Code (Video), The tech industry's biggest names explain why it’s absolutely necessary that you learn how to code a computer. The future of education is now. (2/26)

Google Product Director Says Glass Should Be Ready For Retail by Year’s End, The product we’ve all been waiting for will be available by the end of this year. You’ll be able to look at the world through this revolutionary technology before you know it. (2/26)

Banned On The Internet: How Facebook Monitors and Enforces Appropriate Content Standards, The business of online gatekeeping is not what you think. (2/26)

Spotify and iTunes Helped Music Industry Grow for the First Time Since 1999Good news for all you struggle rappers out there: the music industry has stopped imploding and actually grew last year. (2/26)

Scientists at Cornell University Develop a 3D Ear (Video), Get a first look at how the newest printing technology can generate almost anything, including an ear. (2/27)

Temporary Tattoos Let You Control Machines, Scientists have developed sticker-thin devices that individuals can wear to communicate with machines. The adhesive turns your thought into action. (2/27)

Beware Of The Rihanna Scam On Facebook, Scams like this are common—remember the Taylor Swift-Harry Styles gimmick earlier this month?—and typically send users to affiliate links that ask for personal information such as a name and email address, which you should never, ever give out. (2/28)

Pope Benedict XVI Bids Farewell to Twitter, Along with resigning from his post as Pope, his Twitter handle @Pontifex will also say goodbye. However, the Twitter account will be kept for Pope Benedict’s successor. (2/28) 

2013: The Year of the Mini Tablet, Apple's launch of the iPad Mini last fall is mostly to blame, and a research firm predicts that tablets in the 5-inch to 8.9-inch range will account for a whopping 136 million units this year. (3/1)

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