In the midst of PR nightmare, the money team sure moves fast, right? The city of Los Angeles will give $40,000 to the women who were shot at by the LAPD during the hunt for Christopher Dorner. This comes days after their attorney told the public that a month after their truck was riddled with bullets by L.A.'s finest, the mother and daughter still had not been given a replacement.

The L.A. City Attorney announced that 71-year-old Emma Hernandez and her 47-year-old daughter, Margie Carranza, will be compensated for the Toyota Tacoma that police Swiss-cheesed when hunting for the cop killer last month. According to the Los Angeles Times, this settlement is specifically for the vehicle and unrelated to any potential litigation surrounding the shooting.

Back on Feb. 7, the women were delivering newspapers in Torrance early in the morning when members of the LAPD Hollywood Division opened fire on their vehicle. In addition to the truck being hit with a storm of bullets, both Hernandez and Carranza were injured.

[via LAist]