Given that video games have been integrated so deeply into pop culture, it's no longer a shock to catch a reference in a television show or movie like back in the days. Believe it or not, there was a time when video games were only the butt of jokes like the wildly funny "Alan: Portrait of a Video Junkie" sketch on Saturday Night Live in 1982 where gamers were portrayed as uncontrolled losers. Then you had movies like Hackers and Wargames that painted video game enthusiasts as anti-social geeks searching for a way out of reality. As times have changed and along with them the views on video game culture, there has been a maturing of the gaming world. Video games have extended beyond comedy and is now integrated into dramas like Law & Order: SVU and even horror films like A Nightmare on Elm Street. The diversity of gamers has increased a lot but as one would expect, some things remain the same. 

We've compiled a killer list of video game moments in both TV and film that made us laugh, face palm and cheer the tributes and cameos to our favorite games. These are the 50 Greatest Video Game Moments In TV And Film.