With Liz Lemon out of the way, we're pretty confident in saying that Leslie Knope of Parks and Recreation (played by Amy Poehler) is the funniest female lead character on TV. Leslie is lonely, proud, petty, jealous, sad and a bit angry; she wrestles with inferiority and superiority complexes simultaneously; she craves waffles—it's safe to say there's a little bit of Leslie in all of us.

And Amy Poehler's grimaces are note-perfect—gifs of Leslie have become prevalent on the Internet because Poehler-as-Knope is so good at saying how we feel. She's often better at saying it than we are.

Here are 40 of Leslie's best, funniest, and most sadly universal moments—and if you feel like you're looking into your own soul, that's OK. She is the funniest female lead character on TV right now, after all.