Memorable Quote: "This one time, I choked on a pickle at Wendy's and my whole life flashed before my eyes and I said, 'Not yet, sweet Jesus, not yet; I've never been to Disney World!' and then I threw up all over the restaurant and the manager gave me a certificate for one free hamburger a year for the rest of my life!"

Amy Poehler seemed to have found her speciality in the character of Kaitlin: hyperactive, impressionable, and ambitious. Where most kid characters are annoying or too precocious, Kaitlin is just Amy Poehler having fun on stage, and fans have fun with her. 

The comedienne has had other characters, of course, that are just as endearing. But, when we saw Katilin torment her bumpkin-like step dad Rick (Horatio Sanz) for the first time, we knew in that instance Poehler was going to go down in SNL history.