Network: ABC
Air Dates: September 24, 1985-April 25, 1992
Stars: Alan Thicke, Kirk Cameron, Joanna Kerns, Tracey Gold, Jeremy Miller, Leonardo DiCaprio

No, Growing Pains wasn't about the feeling you get every single time Kirk Cameron goes on one of his homophobic rants, but that might be a spot-on title for a future documentary. Growing Pains was about the Seaver family of a Long Island. When Maggie Seaver lands a job as a TV reporter, Dr. Jason Seaver decides to practice from home and look after the kids, Mike, Carol, and Ben. They ended up having a fourth child named Chrissy, and acquired an unofficial fifth when they took in Luke Brower ( Leonardo DiCaprio, before the fame) during the show's final season.

Since the show's ending, Alan Thicke has been stamped as one of the coolest motherfucker's of all-time, DiCaprio became the new De Niro and Kirk Cameron has (unfortunately) enjoyed his descent from born-again Christian to a pain in the ass with diarrhea of the mouth. Cameron's transformation into a borderline religious zealot during the show's run actually hurt Growing Pains, as he left his pompous, white Christian male imprint on the show. Victoria Jackson probably loved this shit back in the day.