Network: ABC
Air Dates: February 28, 1989-May 14, 1997
Stars: Craig T. Nelson, Shelley Fabares, Jerry Van Dyke, Bill Fagerbakke, Clare Carey

For nine seasons, Craig T. Nelson starred as Hayden Fox, the coach of the Minnesota State University Screaming Eagles. His assistant coaches were friends Luther (Jerry Van Dyke) and the dim-witted Dauber (Bill Fagerbakke); his love interest was TV anchor Christine Armstrong (Shelley Fabares), who he eventually married. Aside from the stress of being a college football coach, Hayden struggled with the fact that his daughter, Kelly (Clare Carey), was growing up.

Hayden and Christine finally got out of Minnesota when he got an offer to join the staff of an NFL expansion team; of course, he brought Luther and Dauber with him. It was a great career move, and who'd really rather live in Minnesota than Florida?

Here's a better question though: How can you a show about college and later professional athletics be so white? It did originate in Minnesota, but come on.