Date: March 2012
Location: Royal Oak, MI

Police in Royal Oak, MI were busy last year, as 13 people were arrested on St. Patty's Day, including a man who got kicked out of Woody's and three of his friends. The man got tossed from the bar, and police were even kind enough to listen to the his complaints if he kept it moving. When he wouldn't budge, police arrested him, causing the man's brother and wife to try and help him. Another friend made it worse by ripping his shirt off like a wrestler and trying to sway the crowd. The crowd probably loved it, as several people whipped out their phones and began recording the spectacle. By several, we mean 400.

That's not even the extent of the madness: There were six drunk-driving arrests, and a 19-year-old male was caught drinking in his car after assaulting two people near a Barnes & Noble. Nothing is sacred anymore, not even the bookstore experience.