Date: March 2011
Location: Hoboken, NJ

Hoboken's annual St. Patrick's Day parade got so turnt in 2011 that they had to cancel it last year, replacing it with a watered down pub crawl that's cleverly titled "Lepre-Con." That's weak as hell, but if you consider the carnage of the previous year, it's understandable: 34 people were arrested, and another 136 were hauled off in ambulances. Officials at the main hospital in Hoboken say they admitted 166 people-a record-high for a single day at the hospital. Someone set their backyard on fire, a teenage lunatic with a knife scared people, and a man in green boxers peed in a stairwell.

When two women reported that they were sexually assaulted, mayor Dawn Zimmerman demanded that the parade be held on a weekday, as if that was going to calm the madness. Organizers responded by canceling the parade, and Hoboken was left with Lepre-Con. It may be a lame replacement, but crime was down in 2012.