Director: Frank Oz
Areas Featured: Sardi's

Manhattan emboldens even the meek to become a aggressively ambitious, even when the individual in question is a Muppet. When Jim Henson's small town crew decide to take their big dreams to a city big enough to hold them, hijinks inevitably ensue. In their attempt to become influential enough to land Manhattan Melodies on Broadway, Kermit takes his thirst for fame to a level Ms. Piggy would undoubtedly admire.

Kermie descends upon Sardi's, the theatre district institution known for its caricature-covered walls, with rats in tow and in a bold attempt to be seen as a #influencer, he replaces Liz Minelli's caricature with his own. It's ain't easy being green, especially for an amphibian in a big city, and Kermit and his ragtag crew of rats learn that the hard way when they're punted onto the cold, hard streets.-SC.