Director: Francis Ford Coppola
Areas Featured: Feast of San Gennaro

What, people would actually expect a young Vito Corleone (Robert De Niro) to put the gangster life on hold just to celebrate New York City's Feast of San Gennaro? Just because the religious, outdoor observance of the Patron Saint of Naples is a holy event, that doesn't mean Vito is about to let his guard downMDASHKKin fact, his guard (read: gun) is all the way up.

As Catholics crowd the streets of Little Italy to honor San Gennaro, Vito follows extortionist Don Fanucci (Gastone Moschin) into his apartment that overlooks the feast. Outside, it's all prayers, joyousness, and spiritual uplift; indoors, it's all bullets and flat-lines.

Vito runs across rooftops in order to beat Fanucci to his apartment; once there, Corleone patiently waits in a darkened entranceway for the unaware chief. Along the way, one of the many classic pieces of Godfathermusic plays, a score later sampled for Nas and Jay-Z's "Black Republican" (a fun fact for all you rap heads out there). Once Fanucci arrives, Vito blasts him three times using a handgun wrapped in a towel (to silence the discharges).

No, San Gennaro wouldn't approve. -MB