Gamer: andrewg1990 (Andrew Gardikis)
Game: Super Mario Bros.

The object of a Super Mario Brothers speed run is simple: get from right to left on your TV screen as quickly as possible. This was hard because early platformers required quick timing and some pretty solid hand-eye expertise. You probably already know this since this was one of the most played titles of all time. The fact that Andrew did it better than anybody is why we're so damn impressed.

Andrew Gardikis manages to do the entire game in less than five minutes. If our society had its priorities straight, this would've been breaking news on all major networks and landed him the front page of Time Magazine. Instead Andrew has to settle for posting it on YouTube and dealing with the requisite skeptics.

For what it's worth Andrew G. this is gaming done best. With your accomplishment, you've proven yourself more than worthy for being immortalized on nerd Mount Rushmore.