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Game: Battletoads

This is a different accomplishment than the rest of the list because Battletoads was so nuts you had to best this challenge just to advance to the game's fourth level. We put it on the list because we just don't believe many people had the commitment or wherewithal to do just that. In fact, we imagine this was the point where a lot of disgruntled gamers put their feet through their NES's.

We always hoped Battletoads got imported to Nintendo's Virtual Console, so today's younger, more pampered gamers can appreciate the infuriating bullshit we had to endure in the early '90s. Creators Tim and Chris Stamper expected players to have the reaction time of an NHL goalie a task so difficult many gamers found it easier to just play the level over and over until they actually memorized the pattern.

It was a necessary evil to make games this hard because if they were too simplistic consumers would've polished them off in an afternoon and then never touched them again. We don't care if you're eight years old, if you beat this game you've earned the right to sit back, relax with some Jack Daniels and call yourself a man.