As if having an AOL email address wasn't bad enough, now there's another reason to make fun of the people who have one, especially men. 

According to Jessica Roy at BetaBeat, a British planning group called Chillisauce analyzed the data of 100,000 customers to see which email addresses—Google Nexus, Gmail, Hotmail or AOL—were tied to various events. 

"Gmail and Hotmail users were slightly classier, opting for 'activities such as pub crawls, eating out and nightclub entry,'" she writes, while the guys using AOL were most likely to visit the strip club. As for who was the most popular, that distinction goes to iPhone users, who book group trips with 15 people or more. 

The press release adds: “Google Nexus owners, on the other hand, are less popular with the smallest group size of five or less.”

So fellas, if you're using Google Nexus, stop being a loser. And if you're using AOL, then you might want to cover your tracks. 

[via BetaBeat]