The Underground Library from Keri Tan on Vimeo.

These days, our entertainment is handheld. We can skip lines and download new songs, television shows and entire books in seconds on our smartphones and tablets. Rental chains and public library systems have, inevitably, seen a decline in visitors and book borrowing.

A project by Miami Ad School students -- Max Pilwat, Keri Tan and Ferdi Rodriguez -- hopes to change that, for libraries at least. The students propose instead of filling train interiors with reading material instead of the ads and official announcements that surround straphangers. Subway riders could scan codes on print ads to download 10-page-long samples of new book releases -- just enough to keep entertained the entire way. When the subway riders exit the station, the students are hopeful the passengers will want to finish what they were reading and look for the nearest New York Public Library branch with the book.

The near field communication-enabled print ads would encourage commuters to read and venture back into the libraries. For now, this student project is just a concept.

[via PSFK]