Welcome to the 21st century, Jeanette Ellis.

Ellis, a resident of Gaffney, SC, was arrested after police learned she was going door-to-door and selling pornography on VHS. What's the bigger crime here, the simple fact that she was peddling smut door-to-door, or the fact that she doesn't realize people can access it for free? "Vintage" is cool and all, but come on.

She admitted that she had "watched some of them" to police, but ultimately decided that she could profit off of her collection. "I was going to get like $5 for them," she explained. Bless her naive heart. 

One neighbor called the police after refusing to come to the door when the 52-year-old Ellis knocked. According to The Smoking Gun, police discovered 12 tapes on Ellis. She was charged for not having a permit, and the tapes were reportedly "seized for evidence." 

[via The Huffington Post]