Snoop Lion is going high tech. 

The rapper turned reggae star is releasing an iPad app to accompany his album, Reincarnated. Snoop Lion's Reincarnated: Track Notes App is free to download and represents the first foray into music for Citia, the publishing startup behind the app. Previously, the company released apps based on books by the likes of Dan Ariely and Kevin Kelly. 

While the app will promote Snoop Lion merchandise, including "grindtainers," branded slippers and T-shirts, it will also include three full audio tracks, each with its own lyric video, producer's commentary and information on the reggae track that inspired it, according to The Guardian. And yes, there will be a direct link to buy it in Apple's iTunes store. 

"What you get isn't just the music – it's ABOUT the music," explains the App Store listing. "Where it came from, How it was made, WHY it was made. It's liner notes for the 21st century. Multimedia, multi-sensory, made for the fans."