If this story involved cocaine, you'd instantly be reminded of Young Scooter's "Columbia." Well, almost.

On Wednesday, an alleged Colombian drug lord and two accomplices were caught trying to sneak 35 pounds of heroin into New York. They were close to getting away with it, but left trails of evidence thanks to emails and phone calls. Apparently, they never watched The Wire.

Luis Fernando Galleano Gasca and Geomar Richard Galleano Gasca were arrested by Colombian police after a shipment of over 35 pounds of heroin was seized in Miami. Authorities plan to extradite the two, as Luis Fernando Gasca was charged with operating as a major drug trafficker and both were charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance. The third accomplice, Jairo Patino, had already been charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance and conspiracy.

They were caught via an investigation using cellphone and email wiretaps between October 2011 and January 2012. This is how authorities learned of plans to ship a large quantity of heroin to New York through Miami. Here's some more damning information, courtesy of the Office of the Special Narcotics Prosecutor for the City Of New York:

In an unsuccessful attempt to evade law enforcement, the drug traffickers used a shared email account and wrote detailed messages for each other in draft form. These emails were stored but never sent. They were saved in the draft folder and then deleted once they'd been read. The messages included specific transport information that allowed investigators to intercept the heroin shipment, including the identification number of the container in which the narcotics were located.

Using the information that they gathered, authorities picked the shipment off and arrested Jairo aboard the "Seaboard Pride." 34 packages of heroin were found hidden inside of four couches on the ship. It's a damn shame that they got caught up because of emails sitting in the "draft" bin. They made it entirely too easy for the DEA.

[via Gothamist]