It's still not confirmed whether or not we'll be getting an Arrested Development movie after the show's revived fourth season premieres in full on Netflix this May, but this is pretty close: Executive producer and narrator of the series, Ron Howard, revealed exclusively to Will Keck of TV Guide that he and co-producer Brian Grazer would be guest-starring in the show this season as themselves, producing a film about the Bluth family. How meta!

"One of the very last lines in the show was when [I say in voice-over], 'I don't think [Arrested Development] is a TV show; maybe it's a movie," Howard said of the plot idea. "So in the new season, we create a heightened version of Imagine Entertainment."

The plot, series star Jason Bateman supplied, involves his character Michael Bluth getting trapped in an elevator with both Howard and Grazer. "It has a lot to do with our inflated egos," Howard commented. 

Grazer added: "We talk about what could be our new Da Vinci Code."

Howard and Grazer are just two more names on a long list of guest stars who will make appearances in the upcoming season of Arrested Development - a list that includes Kristen Wiig, Ben Stiller, Seth Rogen, the Workaholics dudes, Ben SchwartzJudy GreerScott BaioLiza MinnelliJeff GarlinHenry Winkler, Isla FisherTerry Crews, and John Slattery. So, basically, a lot!

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