You've got to give him some credit, Riff Raff really did try to focus on reviewing Spring Breakers at the beginning of this NextMovie clip. After all, James Franco's character Alien in the film is based off of him, of course he's got a lot of thoughts and opinions about the movie! He even says it: "James Franco bought the Riff Raff Halloween costume, and decided to glue it on to his body!" This is pretty much exactly what happened.

Riff Raff proceeds to describe one scene in the film before going off on a tangent about how no one knows who the real Riff Raff is right now - not even the real Riff Raff himself, apparently! - and ends up challenging James Franco to a competition that involves one-on-one basketball, a freestyle battle, a 100-yard race with no shoes on, and an MGM Grand boxing match.

Knowing James Franco, he would probably agree to this. And knowing how pissed Riff Raff was because he believed Franco was downplaying the fact that the character of Alien is based on him, it would probably be an epic competition. Make it happen, guys.

You can check out the clip above.

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[via NextMovie]