The video game world has seen its share of rivalries since the early days of coin operated arcade games: Billy Mitchell and his decades-long rivalry against Steve Wiebe in Donkey Kong; Nintendo throwing down against Atari in the home console wars; PlayStation going head-to-head with Xbox (a beef that continuesto this very day). Rivalries have a seemingly endless history in the world of video games.

So when the photos of girls in Japan performing imaginary Kamehameha attacks on each started to spread across the Internet, we began to wonder which would be more powerful—the Kamehameha of Dragon Ball Z, or its twin sister, the Hadouken from Street Fighter?

We decided to pit them both against each other for 15 rounds of comparison, seeing which photos (and fighters) would come out victorious. Grab a seat, see how it all went down, and try to avoid any flaming objects flying your way.

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