For years now, Dave Bry has been atoning for past sins with his column "Public Apology." He's used the space to publish letters apologizing for mistakes and transgressions big and small, to all sorts of people from his life. For instance, he once apologized to a woman for squeezing her hand too tightly at a Gravediggaz concert. Now Dave's got a book. But we'll let him tell you about it.

Hello. My name is Dave and I wrote a book called Public Apology that goes on sale today. It’s a memoir made up of open letters to people who I’ve somehow transgressed against during my life. I think it’s good to admit our mistakes and apologize when we’re in the wrong.

We do too, Dave. In fact there are a number of celebrities we'd like to see take this approach. But probably they never will.

Hey, guys. Dave again. Oh, what’s this? Here, under this pile of new sneakers at the Complex offices, where you can’t walk to the water cooler without bumping into a world famous celebrity or two, I've just found five mysteriously discarded envelopes*. Let’s see what’s inside, shall we?

Written by Dave Bry (@davebry9)

*Discarded... from the writer's imagination! Yes, all of these apologies are fake. Put the lawsuits down. That said, if you find them funny, you should consider buying Public Apology, out today.