Anthony Davis is very accustomed to the number one spot. He played only one season in college before turning pro (winning Kentucky the championship along the way). He was the number one overall pick in the NBA draft. And he has one seriously legit eyebrow that strikes fear into the hearts of his opponents.

Now, Anthony has partnered up with the one contract-free wireless provider that gives customers both the freedom and quality they need: Boost Mobile. At 6' 10", Anthony has no trouble getting peeps to pay attention to him in person. But when it comes to mobile communication, he knows that Boost's flexible plans and wide array of options for wireless devices are his best means to stay connected and be heard. And we expect to be hearing quite a lot from Anthony in the near future, as he galvanizes the Hornets and the entire city of New Orleans on his quest to become Rookie of the Year (yeah, Damian Lillard, we said it).

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