A western Pennsylvania man has been accused of stealing $100,000 worth of pre-prohibition era whiskey. 62-year-old John Saunders rented a basement apartment located in the large mansion where he happened upon the liquor. It began as a guy enjoying a drink from the most convenient stash of all-time, but soon turned into a nasty habit, especially considering that he drank 45 bottles.

The whiskey was hidden by J.P. Brennan, the original owner of the mansion, who most likely forgot that he placed it there during prohibition. The mansion is now a bed and breakfast, and the owners have accused Saunders of theft. Here's what they told WTAE-Pittsburgh:

"The whiskey was buried right back here under these stairs. They were doing renovations down here for the plumbing and electrical and they had to rip out underneath the stairs. Whenever they did, they discovered 9 cases of the old farm, pure rye whiskey," said South Broadway Manor's chef and innkeeper, Rick Bruckner. "The story with this isn't just, 'Hey, we have some really old whiskey.' It's, 'Hey, we have some really old, historical whiskey.'"

Meanwhile, Saunders insists that the whiskey simply "evaporated." The police they found his DNA on the empty bottles, which Saunders says he was cleaning. Right.

[via Gawker]