Paul Rudd is making the rounds for his new movie with Tina Fey, Admission, and this included NBC's Today. He stopped by this morning to talk movies and mustaches with Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie.

Along with Steve Carell and the rest of the gang, Rudd is currently filming Anchorman 2 in Atlanta. He's bringing back field reporter Brian Fantana—and lucky for us, that means the return of his 70s mustache. It's really more of a Fu Manchu.

Rudd recently said he gets to use his real hair (as opposed to wigs and fake mustaches) for Fantana. "I'm really just getting a look at it right now," he says of his facial hair. "I look like Yanni." 

He says didn't know much about the college admissions process (the subject of his movie) because he didn't apply for college—his parents are British, so they didn't go through the same stuff. "Something about A levels and O levels...I wouldn't have gotten in anyway," he says.

They also ask him about Fey and Amy Poehler hosting the Oscars. Jeez, we want them to too, but talk about peer pressure! "I think they'd be great, because they're both great. But that's a lot of pressure," Rudd says diplomatically.

"It's pretty great, I gotta say," he says of being on set for Anchorman 2. "We had a blast on the first one, so we're all excited about this one." So are we, Paul.

Admission opens March 22 and Anchorman 2 will be out this fall.

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[via NBC]