Most Overrated Feature: Williamsburg
Most Overrated Person: The Olsen Twins (Yes, they count as one person)
Most Overrated Moment: Fashion Week

New York is a hell of a town; the most pretentious people in the world cram themselves into studio apartments to become martyrs to whatever trendy art form they moved here to practice/blog about, and use that fact to feel superior to the rest of the country.

You have two choices when choosing your lifestyle in the Big Apple. You can live in a hood that reminds you of the TV shows and movies that lured you here and pay three-quarters of your monthly income for the privilege of living in a closet, or you can shack up in some dingy converted crack den that used to be a butcher's warehouse in the 1920s.

No matter what you do, people are going to try to get you to work for free. Even if you do manage to get paid for whatever it is you do, the moment you walk out the door, someone is trying to screw you out of what little hard-earned money you have. Like many cities, New York is home to the $9 Bud Light, but it is also home to the $15 grilled cheese, and the town car ride that can cost any amount of money (but no less than $50) because, sorry, cabs don't go to Brooklyn.

While grinding yourself into poverty, you will feel like everyone around you has more money than you. That's because they do. The reason for this is that their parents are supporting them into their 30s, even if they are wearing frayed cardigans and soiled V-necks to shows in Bushwick. Especially if they are wearing frayed cardigans and soiled V-necks in Bushwick.