Most Overrated Feature: Following your dream
Most Overrated Person: At least a 4,000 way tie
Most Overrated Moment: The Golden Globes ceremony

Come to Los Angeles to follow your dream, as long as you can stand three hours a day in traffic waiting for said dream. That is of course, if you are still pursuing that dream, and haven't yet opened your own yoga studio/green restaurant/Kabbalah Center yet.

Locals report the combination of plentiful bud, babes, and sun only serves to dull the intellectual firepower that brought you and your screenplay out west in the first place. There is plenty of yoga to be done, sushi to be eaten, and bubble tea to be slurped, but it's a sad substitute for culture. It may seem strange that a town dedicated to an art form leaves the residents wanting in terms of cultural substance, but if you have a choice between sitting in your car for two hours, and staying home and watching The Biggest Loser, even the most intellectually curious among us will take the road that requires less traveling.

The nightlife out here is not only pricey, but wildly hit or miss. Choose wisely before when setting off on that night out. Since public transportation is a joke, if you happen to end up at a bar hosting a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion night, you'll have to choose between staying for the night, or cruising for a DUI.

Also, mountain lions, forest fires, and earthquakes are all things here; no wonder they make so many disaster movies every year. They're just channelling what they know.

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