Most Overrated Feature: Being the birthplace of American democracy
Most Overrated Person: Mark Wahlberg
Most Overrated Moment: pre-Spygate Patriots

Historical significance only gets you so far. Bostonians know this deep down in their hearts, which is why they will drunkenly shout at your rather than shy away from their Boston superiority complex. Boston is the kind of city where the Mayor's Deputy Press Secretary is ready to throw down at the first sign of unkind words. This attitude has earned the city "least friendly" status, according to a study conducted by two Michigan psychiatrists.  

From their quiet segregation to their obsessive fascination with sports, there is a lot to dislike about Boston, no matter how many middle fingers Red Sox fans want to throw at us for saying so. One of our favorite Boston events is when this notorious drinking town ran out of liquor licenses. Why all the drinking? You have to drink if you are going to wait for the ever-delayed subways, buses that stop running at midnight, and price gouging taxis that start their fares at $8. But, hey, at least you can look at a statue of Paul Revere while you freeze your ass off.