Every year college graduates flock to a select few cities seeking opportunity and adventure. The bohemian promise of a coffee shop on every corner, bars open all night, and finally being able to achieve that elusive dream motivate a never-ending supply of bright-eyed young'uns in U-Haulers to cram their personal effects into a postage stamp sized room and start a new life.

Quickly, they discover that these cities on a hill (or in a valley) are not all they're cracked up to be. Unreliable transportation, rising unemployment, and fifteen dollar cocktails quickly leave them pining for the dollar drafts, convenient box stores, and peaceful quiet of of their youth in the middle of nowhere.

These cities are commerce centers, cultural hot spots, and nightlife destinations; they are also overrated. Please take some comparative notes in your dream journal before you load up mom's minivan and head for the promise of the big city. These are the 10 Most Overrated Cities in the United States.

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