An Albuquerque man was apparently having a bit of trouble waiting a whole year for new Breaking Bad episodes: According to New Mexico's KOAT, 29-year-old Xavier McAfee is facing charges of breaking into series star Bryan Cranston's car last December and stealing a one of the final scripts for the show, in addition to an iPad and other items. 

McAfee is pleading not guilty with no comment - saying in court, "I don't even know what they're talking about. I work for a living. I do tile for a living," - but legal documents state that one of Cranston's team members received information from a confidential source that McAfee was bragging at a bar about stealing the script and iPad. 

Weirdly, Sony Pictures denied that any script was stolen, and said that "they are not concerned that any confidential information about the show has been compromised" when KOAT contacted them about the story. Still, a deputy at the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office confirmed the story, stating, "it was reported to us back in December that (the script) was one of the items inside the bag that was stolen." 

Breaking Bad is just wrapping filming in Albuquerque this week, for its final episodes which will air this summer. Breaking sad. 

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[via KOAT]