It's probably wise to avoid meeting in a public place when soliciting sex. According to the NYPD, officer Luis Gutierrez was "arrested and charged...within the confines of the 114th precinct" for conspiracy, misconduct and patronizing a prostitute. On Thursday, Gutierrez was busted meeting up with hookers at a fast food restaurant.

The New York Post says that Gutierrez, a "married father," decided to meet up with a few women of the night while he was off-duty. However, he was on duty (and in uniform) when he set the meeting up. He even spit game to them—in Spanish—with another cop present. 

Many believe that at least one of the hookers was a police informant. Meanwhile, Gutierrez, a 12-year veteran of the police department, has been suspended without pay.

[via Gothamist]