This is almost as sad as Kirk Franklin's tale of porn addiction. The former bookkeeper of Upper West Side sushi restaurant Masa has been accused of stealing nearly $100,000 to satisfy his addiction to porn.

On Friday, 41-year-old Rafael Thomas pleaded guilty to stealing $96,000 over a 13-month period in 2011 and 2012. According to prosecutors, Thomas cashed corporate checks, played around with his vacation days and gave himself an $18,000 wage increase. Worse, he blew over half of the money he stole on porn.

Once Masa caught on to what Thomas was doing, they fired him. The restaurant issued a statement saying "Fortunately, the company has policies and procedures in place that caught the wrongdoing, and this matter is now in the hands of the authorities." Thomas has been charged with attempted grand larceny and falsifying business records; he faces up to a year in prison if convicted.

Don't let addiction ruin your life.

[via Gothamist]