Mr. Feeny visited the set of Girl Meets World this week, and it turns out it wasn't just for a reunion. TV Line has confirmed that William Daniels will play Cory, Topanga, Shawn, and Eric's former teacher in the pilot. Daniels is 85 now, so it's unclear if he'll be Cory's coworker.

In the new series, as previously reported, Cory is teaching junior high school where his and Topanga's daughter, Riley attends. They also have a son, Elliot. Rowan Blanchard, who plays Riley Matthews, tweeted a picture of Shawn (Rider Strong) and Eric (Will Friedle) visiting the set, and then Matilda Ward, who played Rachel, Instagrammed a photo of her and Daniels.

Strong has already said he won't be in Girl Meets World, so fans assumed the same of the other set visits. However, it's been confirmed that Feeny is in the pilot, though there's no word on his role. And since Friedle won't be in it either (as of now—an exec said "there's a chance"), there probably won't be any of this, which is really a shame:

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[via TV Line]