Taking inspiration from the dad that hacked Donkey Kong for his daughteranimator Kenna W decided to tackle one of the most venerated and longest running franchises in contemporary gaming.

After 27 years and umpteen titles, Princess Zelda still hasn't gotten her own game, which is strange when you consider that the franchise is called The Legend of Zelda and Link doesn't even get top billing. After deciding to hack the 1987 NES title, Kenna revealed it wasn't nearly as hard as she thought it was going to be. Re-drawing the handful of tiles needed to animate the game's hero as Princess Zelda was really the only thing she had to change. We guess she had to figure out something to do with Link as well.

Who the hell is Link anyway? "When you take away the sword, who is he?" asks Kenna. "Just some guy that can’t get out of a room?"

This is awesome all the same and check out that suhweet animation on that dragon. Watch the video and let us know what you think of The Legend of Link.

[via Kennastuff]