The small, lightweight and blue Tinke device lets you monitor your stress and health whenever curiosity strikes.

The portable Tinke monitors things like heart rate, blood oxygen levels, respiratory rate and heart rate variability -- factors that can tell you a lot about how you are feeling now.

The innovative gadget focuses on your cardiorespiratory wellness, which Zensorium defines as: "The ability of your heart, lungs and organs to consume, transport and utilize oxygen." It will help you pinpoint why you might be feeling foggy and lethargic -- perhaps because of low blood oxygen levels. With each reading, you'll also get a total fitness score on the "VIta Index" -- the cardiorespiratory measure -- and the "Zen Index" -- stress levels.

The best part: No battery required. You'll also be able to share your wellness scores on your favorite social media platforms.

[via Cool Hunting]