Despite defending the actions of the police officers who fatally shot 16-year-old Kimani Gray in Brooklyn earlier this month, Mayor Michael Bloomberg says he's tried to reach out to Gray's mother, but to no avail. Bloomberg says Carol Gray has changed her phone number to avoid speaking with him.

Bloomberg told the New York Times that he gives "eulogies at cops funerals," and also calls parents "when their kids are killed." He believes that Gray's mother is dodging him: "I’ve tried, and the woman, the mother, is not taking any calls, changed her phone number so I can’t, but I did reach out." 

According to City Councilman Charles Barron, even if Bloomberg did extend himself, his actions were "too little, too late." "He made some feeble attempts through other folks later on," Barron explained. "But the mayor knows how to get in touch with people when he wants to."

Carol Gray's attorney Kenneth Montgomery has no interest in speaking to Bloomberg. "We weren’t interested in the photo op," Montgomery said. "I’m much more interested in seeing him pushing the powers that be to get an investigation done."

Gray, who's been understandably critical of how the city handled her son's death, wants a full investigation of the events leading up to the shooting.

[via Gothamist]