A man in the Russian city of Astrakhan tied authorities up for several hours during a heated hostage negotiation scenario yesterday. Claiming to be armed with a firearm and a box full of explosives, the man strolled into a local college and took five hostages—two students, two professors and a security guard. However, he released one of the professors during the intense situation for unknown reasons. 

When negotiators arrived at the scene, they were shocked to learn of the man's demandspizza and soda. As soon as he got what he wanted, he released the hostages and was arrested, bringing the bitter standoff to an end. Authorities soon learned that the man's weapon was a toy gun and his box of explosives was fake as well.

The man's girlfriend attends the school where this all went down, adding another layer to the story. She was also arrested, as police believe she might've been an accomplice to an elaborate scheme to get a free meal. Take hostages, demand pizza and get a slice of justice—that's the way it goes.

[via Gawker]