Julio Acevedo, the man sought for killing a young married couple and their unborn child in a Brooklyn hit-and-run accident, remains a free man. Despite a $22,000 price tag on his head, Acevedo has escaped the police, but has been very willing to talk to the media. Using an old friend from his time in prison as the middleman, Acevedo has conducted several phone interviews with the media, expressing his deepest sympathies.

In an interview with ABC 7, Acevedo says he was "scared" because he had just been shot at. He says that on Saturday night, he was driving on Carlton Avenue in a borrowed BMW. He insists that he was shot at in the area that Kelvin Martinthe real 50 Cent—used to rule. Acevedo killed the infamous gangster in 1987 and served twenty years in prison for murder.

Yesterday, Acevedo said that he was driving recklessly because an attempt had just been made on his life as payback for killing 50 Cent. He claims someone pulled a gun on him and said "Nothing is ever forgotten." He told ABC 7 that the cab "came out of nowhere" and he was unable to stop. 

Acevedo was saved from the wreckage by a pedestrian, but left the scene. Nachman and Raizy Glabuer were killed, but the cab driver, Pedro Nunez Delacruz, suffered just minor injuries. Raizy Glauber was seven months pregnant, and though their son was delivered by cesarean section, he died early Monday morning. 

Acevedo insists that he didn't know anyone was killed, telling ABC 7 that he's "willing to turn himself in" because "[his] heart heart goes out to all of those people that's feeling like [he's] so much of a bad guy." He adds that once he saw a news report about the accident, he said he had to speak with his attorney before turning himself in.

NYPD spokesman Paul Browne says "Neither Acevedo nor anyone representing him has contacted the police."

[via Gothamist]