Sometimes it's just easier to get divorced. 64-year-old Ramond E. Bradshaw, Jr. was sentenced to four years in prison for trying to have his wife killed using voodoo and other horrible means. According to the Washington Post, Bradshaw told the court that he purchased a handgun and gave it to his nephew, assuming that $2,500 worth of encouragement would convince the young man to kill Cheryl McLaughlin

The Post adds that Bradshaw turned to voodoo to save his marriage, but when that failed, he hired a voodoo priest that he found on the Internet and paid that man $500 to kill his wife with black magic. An efficient, reasonably priced voodoo priest is apparently hard to come by these days. In the end, we're sure Bradshaw would rather deal with divorce and alimony than prison.

Unfortunately for him, hindsight is always 20/20 and it's too late.

[via DCist]