Sperm can obviously be added to the list of things lost during a break-up.

Louisiana native Layne Hardin has filed a lawsuit against Obstetrical and Gynecological Associates, claiming that the sperm bank made it easy for his ex-girlfriend, Toby Devall, to steal his sperm. According to ABC News, Hardin and another former girlfriend, Katherine LeBlanc, signed a contract with Texas Andrology Services sperm bank in 2002 which only granted LeBlanc access to his frozen sperm.

Hardin began dating Devall afterwards, but the couple broke up in 2011. However, Hardin's attorney says that after their break-up, Devall was able to convince the sperm bank to release Hardin's sperm with ease. His lawyer added that Devall now has a son that Hardin has never met, even though tests have proven that the child is his.

Child support is the least of Hardin's concerns. "It don't stop when he's 18," Hardin said. "This is forever. This ripple effect affected me and my family. When he gets old enough and realizes how he was brought into this world, then his ripple effect starts," he explained.

[via The Huffington Post]