Kristen Wiig's new movie Girl Most Likely looks like the perfect follow up to her mega-hit Bridesmaids. (Ok, she's been in stuff since then but this is like her creative follow up!) It premiered at the Toronto Film Festival with the title Imogene, but the name changed when Lionsgate picked it up for distribution.

Wiig didn't write this one, but she did executive produce the tale of a playwright (Wiig) who fakes a suicide attempt to get her boyfriend back, only to be released from the hospital into the custody of her white trashtastic mom (Annette Bening). Matt Dillon stars as Benning's live-in boyfriend and Glee breakout Darren Criss is the stranger renting Wiig's old room in their New Jersey home. He's also a Backstreet Boys impersonator.

Girl Most Likely comes out July 19.

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