When Brent Musburger starts making borderline-inappropriate comments about your girlfriend, you know she's a winner. That major accomplishment in sports broadcasting history was brought to you by the one and only Katherine Webb, who literally, though inadvertently, stole the camera's focus away from the Alabama Crimson Tide's big victory over the Notre Dame Fighting Irish for the BCS National Championship.

Contrary to what the public would like to believe about college athletes and their girlfriends, Ms. Webb is indeed real, really really real. So real, in fact, that the 23-year-old former Miss Alabama is alive and in the flesh (and lots of it) as a contestant on ABC's new celebrity diving competition, Splash.

In anticipation of the show's premiere tonight, we've decided to collect the 30 hottest Instagram photos of the woman who will surely go down as one of the sexiest women in reality TV history. Enjoy. 

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