Forget Jennifer Lawrence: we think Justin Timberlake is the real America's Sweetheart. He went across the pond the other night—following his week-long stint on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon—to The Jonathan Ross Show to play some mini-golf.

JT was promoting his new album, of course, and his new tequila brand, 901. To celebrate, Ross brought the bottle out and they did a few shots together, "just to settle your nerves,"

Ross and Timberlake end up doing five shots of 901 during the golf challenge, and the recent inductee to the five-timers club even busts out a Michael Caine impression.

"What accent is that? Australian?" Ok, so his British accent might not sound good to the Brits, but it sounds good to us!

"It's Michael Caine. You ever see those actor tutorials he did on the BBC? Those were amazing." Timberlake says. "It was a lot to do with blinking. By the way, one of the greatest actors ever."

Watch the first half of the interview below.

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[via YouTube]